Doble &

Hug Sound


Pol Plaja and Lluis Huguet, better known as Doble & Hug Sound, are two young talented leaders in the growing urban music scene of Girona. their first album Livin ‘the Hug Life, distributed by the giant The Orchard Music, was a great success,


They need a new corporate image for the group and an illustration showing them in vinyl format on a van, in order to make merchandise t-shirts for this year’s 2022 tour. the group wants the logo to be made up of a skateboard character above the group’s name “Double & Hug Sound” in a simple, casual and hand style.


The tasks developed in this project are:

· The creation of an illustrated logo.

· The creation of an illustration of a van in motion, with all the names related to the group painted on it.

Character sketches.

Background smoke sketches.

Selected sketch.

Final logo on totebag.

T-shirt illustration.

You can listen more in the different official channels profiles of the group:

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