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Abi Global Health is an Irish company, founded in 2016 by two experienced health technology entrepreneurs, Kim-Fredrik Schneider and Dr. Victor Vicens. Their founding vision is to make healthcare radically accessible for all.


The objectives of this period have been to support the Graphic Design department and the creation of 3 animated videos to explain the service of the company.


The task developed during this period are various:

· Animation of 3 explainer videos.

· Illustrations for explainer videos.

· Animation & personalization of the App icons.

· Logo animation for email signature.

· Support the Design Department.

Explainer Videos

In order to help with the sales, Abi needs three explanatory videos to show potential customers the different contexts in which they may need the service.

Animated Logos

1. Email signature. v2

2. Service Mark.

App Icons

As part of its service, Abi offers customers access to a doctor in real time, through its own App. Then the animated icons in Lottie Files format, optimized in code format to optimize the loading time within the App.

01. Looking for the right Doctor.

02. Doctor Matched.

03. Doctor answering.

04. Thanks!

& more…

In support of the tasks of the design department, I have worked from making gifs for the web and the Sell department to the layout of internal stationery and informative posters.

01. Gif for website.

02. Gif of Abi App.

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